Seasonal transitions

This is my walk,  a rustic road at the end of my field.  It is magical to me, although many of the trees and plants that line the road aren’t native and are weedy, it has a lot of charm through the seasons and at different times of day.  I walked last night, after a productive day in the studio.  These seasonal  transitions draw me in,  spring edges nearer and the spring peepers are peeping late in the day.
So of course my art spirit responds to that.  Now I am imagining how I will capture the sound of the spring

Art frustration

Wintergreen, spring

Over the last two months i have created a number of wintergreen sketches, color pencil drawings and tracings. This piece is color pencil on Duralor vellum. A squirrley surface to work with color pencils.

Writing about creating art is difficult for me,  I typically make art and stumble along the way, pick myself up and move on to complete the project.  When I am in process with a piece, I don’t write.

Hence, very few entries here.  I am going to change that pattern, starting today.

Here is another day’s art time about to end and I have not gotten to the point I had imagined this morning.  Trying to be satisfied with being ‘in process’, but that means giving up timelines and expectations, right?  This colorful wintergreen is ready for spring studio tour, and now I need to finish the art for a formal wintergreen drawing due June 1!