Gardening, drawing caterpillars and eating my fresh tomatoes and basil.

My garden sure looks good to me and the butterflies.  They are hanging out all over the yard, especially cool are the Swallowtails feeding on a Bottlebrush Shrub that is in a shady location.  I have planted two, and the gigantic one off the dining room window just finished blooming but this little guy over near the black walnut is loaded with blossoms and butterflies.  I plant for wildlife, however it still thrills and surprises me when they show up.Image 

Bodacious Hydrangea is a summertime blessing.

Bodacious Hydrangea is a summertime blessing.

Love to pass this Hydrangea, while digging in the dirt, compost, veggie & herbs beds, and trying to outlast the heat wave. Haven’t posted in two months because I have been digging and moving plants and stones around, hauling bricks that were buried in the earth, and trying to pull this garden together.