Holiday Studio Tour opens tomorrow!

Just received a new shipment for the Holiday studio tour tomorrow.  I am so excited about the Beeswax Candles, Morningstar Lip Balm, Scented Soaps, and more from a Beekeeper in Ohio. The Beeswax honey color is so warm and inviting, I just want to pick it up.  The little candles I ordered in a beehive shape are adorable.  Okay enough, must go back to setting up studio for tomorrow’s open studio.

So much to do, and art that has been sitting on easels waiting for me to sign off, must be finished and framed.  I love a couple of my new pieces that have been on the drawing board for 2 years.
Off to hang, frame, and finish.

Fall Art Workshop

We had so much fun in the studio on Saturday for the second of my art workshops at Morningstar studio.  Five wonderful women joined me on a sunny Saturday to draw and print fall leaves from my field and garden.  I loved it when they said ‘This is so much fun,”  or “I can’t believe I drew that.”
My Bernini Italian etching press was in full use as these women who hadn’t printed before, created beautiful monoprints, each using a different combination of plant species and compositions that were lyrical and and dynamic.
We had a warm and nourishing lunch inside my house, although it was hard to pry women from our warm fireplace in the kitchen, we enjoyed lentil soup, pumpkin bread from local pumpkins and waldorf salad using apples from Peachtree orchards.
I am trying to figure out how to squeeze another workshop in a very busy December, I can’t seem to find a weekend when my studio isn’t scheduled to be open for the Countryside Artisans Studio Tour, or my house isn’t in full holiday party mode.  Maybe a Friday night, or a weekday night?  I have to admit I have as much fun as the women who show up to make art.

Just finished this Norway Maple art. Their leaves are glorious in fall.   They fill my windows with their golden glow as October fades and I am love to look at the variety of venation and color as they fall to the ground.
Started with watercolor, then pen and ink had to happen, and of course color pencil.  I always seem to find my way into color pencil when I am drawing and painting.