West Harris Walks- Sugarloaf Mountain

West Harris Walks- Sugarloaf Mountain

I walk West Harris Road most days throughout the year. It is a charming rustic road right off of the back of our field, that leads to Sugarloaf Mountain. So many days my mind is cluttered with chores, to do lists and so on, then all of a sudden a bird will flit through the tall grasses and I am drawn in, somedays it is the light hitting the wheat or soy growing in the distance. This painting attempts to capture some of that experience that.

Holiday Open Studio- Art, Snow, Lavender

WestHarris WalksMorningstar Studio is open today for the Holiday Countryside Artisan Studio tour, from 10 to 5 pm, and by appointment throughout the Holidays.
A very busy time in the studio and garden getting everything cleaned up and ready for visitors. Then the snow arrived, and now my driveway and parking area looks like a manger with hay laid down to help visitors park and walk to my log cabin studio.
Always a multi-tasking experience preparing for studio tour, this time I had the thrill of having the Washington Post feature my art in the Going Out Guide, and the frustration of shoveling Ice and Snow in my gravel parking area, and the path to the studio.
Life as an artist and small businesswoman is good, but I am never caught up with all the facets of open studio.
This year I made lavender linen sachets and stamped the front with a butterfly and Je’taime. They are so fragrant and will be a wonderful stress reliever during this busy season.